It’s more of a fantasy-drama comedy, with a dash of comedy of manners. Seth Rogen plays the double role of Ben and his great grandfather. The movie could have elucidated on many issues, but it seems to be a hurried attempt to wind it up in 96 mins. More content could have been interesting.

Ben Greenbaum is unaware he has a great grandfather who is brined inside a pickle vat for a hundred years. They find each other and there starts a series of happy, sad, and confusing events. Ben is developing an app that tests the ethical parameters of the company. Herschel, his great grand father has different views of the world and is set in his old ways.

Herschel wakes up in the year 2019 in the current day Brooklyn and starts a pickle business, runs into series of controversies, and finds a way to reconnect with Ben. Herschel is a harsh man and in total contrast with the mild-mannered Ben. The movie has numerous amusing moments such as the blogger who discovers the talent of Herschel or the group discussions after the twitter controversy he runs into. They could have elaborated these instances but it seems like they were short in a hurry.

One of the most amusing moments when the doctors explain the science being how Herschel does not age. It was amusing, because it was inaudible, thus brilliant in it’s own right(sarcasm intended). I find ‘science’ in movies very amusing. They explain it with inaudible curves and graphs, I am like, yeah, that explains the evergreen state of Herschel.

It brings two contrasting ideologies of Ben and Herschel; both care about their families. Herschel, unintentionally creates chaos in the life of Ben with his primitive behavior. The movie has a political backdrop which is sewn aptly with the personality of Herschel. It’s a good mix of esoteric values and modern times. Seth Rogen’s performance is outstanding. I like him better in this movie compared to Pineapple Express.