Based on Rhonda Bryne’s The Secret, the movie makes a bleak attempt to showcase the essence of what this book is about. I liked that they made a movie based on a self-help book that has created magic in the lives of people. But, it lacks the sparkle intoto except for Josh Lucas and his charming performance. It lacks depth and a good plot altogether.

Miranda Wells(Katie Holmes) is a widowed mother with three children having an affair with her boss. Bray(Lucas) meets them by coincidence through an accident and plays the good Samaritan. Miranda accidently bumps his car. But he helps her fix her car instead of suing her. Her children bond with him over words of wisdom he blurts out every now and then.

It sounds a bit much teenagers taking wise-advice in an urban setting. It seems tricky. But, you can sit through the movie and feel sigh!! A feel-good movie that lacks a good story to depict the essence of the book. Bray seems to have fixed the broken parts of their lives through the worldly wisdom.

When you watch the movie, it gives you nothing in terms of insights, wisdom, or a good time. There are no moments of epiphany that a few thought-provoking movies usually do. This movie completely lacks it. No points to ponder, no food for thought. A predictable story with an amateurish plot.

I usually trust the ratings on the Rotten Tomatoes and it scores a 28% and 6.5 in all fairness. There is no depth to the tragedy the family is dealing with. They seem happy-go-lucky with a few minor issues with Bray is fixing with worldly-wisdom; not convincing.

Why is the tagline, “Dare to Dream?” nobody in Miranda Well’s family seem to have any dreams or goals except getting by their everyday life. It’s a wisdom wasted on a mundane plot.