Goodbye is a black comedy that most India mass crowd is not accustomed to, nevertheless is well made with the right treatment for a movie made in this genre. Ekta Kapoor is a content queen who fearlessly ventures in myriad genres and doesn’t fail to deliver good content. The first five minutes is a mindless song I was getting impatient watching like(omg, when is this singing and dancing getting over), then it starts with a tragic death of a dear family member.

The movie depicts with a soul how our urban lives treat the death of a dear family member dealing with day-to-day activities taking a short recess. What emotions process in the mind of every family members, neighboring morning walk aunties, and everyday people that have been in contact.

Real life situations and nuances have been used in the story which make you laugh and realize how life goes on and we come to terms with it with tears and laughter. Amitabh Bachchan who plays the father of Rashmi has ideological differences with regard to most things in life. Their perspectives are different. Their jugalbandi is interesting to watch.

A typical household with siblings working abroad, the work pressure and dealing with a tragedy , following esoteric rituals that collide with urban living is well sewn in the tapestry of this plot. Unlike the saas bahoo soaps which were her claim to fame, this family diorama has a realistic view that takes you on a laugh riot and still touches your heart.

Bollywood has not yet ventured into umpteen genres and sub genres of movie making, but Ekta is already making a headway, always trying something new, and making well meaning movies. Goodbye is one such movie that gives a take on how urban families respond to ancient rituals looking for a scientific meaning and logic. In the end, it puts everything together beautifully without an overdose of sentiments.