Lockdown has its own perks. There’s not much to crib about. You can work at your own pace, bond with your loved ones, binge on a galore of movies, and take care of your health. Make the most of these days and keep up the good spirit, smile, laugh, share beautiful memories. List of 40 movies from my personal favourite kitty.1. SerendipityWhen love happens in the most funniest of situations.2. 500 Days Of SummerNot all love stories lead to a happy ending. 3. As Good As It GetsGrumpy romantic writer finds love in the most unusual situation.4. Meet The Fockers seriesDysfunctional family sagas are entertaining. The struggle of a male nurse to impress haughty parents of his love.5. Groundhog DayWhen each day repeats itself just like the lockdown6. Bridget Jones SeriesQuirky,socially awkward woman finds true love after a heartbreak7. The Gods Must Be Crazy seriesWhat happens when the tribe receives ‘the gift of god’- a coke bottle8. The History Of The WorldThe rib-tickling saga from various eras tell a humorous tale.9. Eat Pray LoveRedemption, finding yourself, and self compassion.10. You’ve Got MailWhen you fall in love with an unexpected guy you hated. Not a run-of-the-mill love story.11. When A Man Loves A WomanA tale of codependency, unconditional love, sacrifice, and acceptance12. Bruce and Evan AlmightyA story of love for all, compassion, good deeds, and answer for all the chaos in human life.13. Hitchhacker’s Guide To The GalaxyA hilarious plot of bureaucracy in galaxy management and a tour of the other worlds.14. Scent Of A WomanA tale of principles, values, and integrity and series of incidents from a blind colonel that enrich the life of a sincere school kid in his yonder years.15. Forrest GumpA movie about finding purpose and taking life as it comes with arms wide open.16. Good Will HuntingA story of an extraordinary brilliant kid gone through abuse, learning to love fully without running away from feeling deep emotions.17. What Dreams May ComeA fantasy tale of eternal love where the husband sails through purgatory to find his wife to love unto eternity.18. Kramer vs KramerA heartbreaking story of a marriage breaking due to wife’s infidelity, ideological differences, and relation going sour. 19. Office SpaceA movie everybody can relate to about a bad boss, office politics, love, and the crazy lives of employees.20. The Hangover SeriesThe crazy trio make chaos entertaining only to come out as winners in the end and get back to normal life with memories of unexpected events.21. Madagascar SeriesA hilarious movie about companionship and different personalities coming together as friends.22. Say AnythingLlyod finds his love after a series of dilemmas and struggles. A typical 90s love story to bring back feelings of nostalgia.23. Pay It ForwardSometimes, kids lead us to the path of meaning and purpose. A story of compassion and doing good in a world of chaos and hatred.24. The Truman ShowWhat if your entire life feels like a reality show? A heartfelt story of relations and finding yourself.26. Franky and JohnnyYou can always give love another chance and find a better purpose to heal the pain of wrong choices and past wounds.27. Finding NemoA movie about father’s love, quirky friendship, and unconditional love and faith of father to find his lost son.28. Welcome To MeA woman dealing with bipolar disorder produces a quirky reality show based on herself that leads to highest TRPs and series of interesting incidents.29. Marley & MeAn endearing movie about how a sweet pup brings more meaning to the life of a couple and brings their life in order.30. 13 Going On 30A sweet chic flick about finding true love, friendship, sailing through clique troubles, and finding meaning with family and love.31. The Ugly TruthA seasoned casanova teaches a straight-laced woman about love.32. The Conjuring SeriesBased on true paranormal investigations of Lorraine couple and the spine chilling discoveries.32. The Departed33. The Talented Mr.RipleyA movie about layers of deception and how far greed can take a person to his darker side.34. Cape FearA masterpiece from Martin Scorsese and Robert de Niro. A gripping tale of revenge.35. Rear WindowA photographer with a broken leg finds out disturbing truths of his neighbours by spying on them.36. The Silence Of The LambsA psychological thriller that where an F.B.I agent tracks a serial killed with the help of a psychiatrist and a psycopath Hannibal Lecter37. BridesmaidsA nice chic flick and a story of best friends, sailing through myraid emotions with a lot of humor and drama.38. Pitch PerfectA musical drama about finding passion and overcoming challenges to finally win a musical challenge.39. Blades Of GloryA sports comedy where banned ice skaters team up to win the competition as a pair. The movie depicts their contrasting personalities and how they come together to make a winning team.40. Cool RunningsA sports comedy about how a bobsleigh team from Jamaica battles impediments to fulfill their dream to participate in the Olympics.