Sci-fi fantasy fiction might not be everybody’s cup of tea unless you are a geek or take interest in science. I have been the artistic geek experimenting to blend art and science, because its fun to do that activating the cells in the mind. The first sci-fi I ever watched as a kid was Steven Spielberg’s Jurassic Park.

Hitchhikers Guide To The Galaxy

If 42 was the answer to all the worldly problems, we wouldn’t be running in a rut, its not an answer, its a good joke, and a sorry use of symbolism; nevertheless the movie is funny. A comic take on bureaucracy as if the cosmos were run like a bureaucratic corporate. A movie based on Douglas Adams novel by the same name takes pot-shots on how we view our life on Earth carrying the same ideologies to other dimensions messing the balance of the universe.

The movie has amusing characters like the Vogons, depressive robot Mervin, and numerous other characters. Arthur’s home is demolished because it comes in the ways of making a by pass bridge when building other planets in the universe. With this task undertaken by the galactic planet builder, Arthur, the mortal is traversed to parallel universes, and other planets all while seeking the Ultimate question about life.

If you love math, computers, and feel sick of the corporate life, this movie is a mood buster. The point-of-view gun is a hilarious tool that lets anyone see from the perspective of the one who shoots it;created by Deep Thought, a super computer. It that resides on another planet with answers to everything in the universe.

The movie has interesting tid-bits and analogies picked from real-life situations and used craftily in the plot with interstellar elements. The idea is to create a better version of Earth like a software upgrade and make changes introducing newer elements.

Spiderman Franchise

I’m talking here about the Sam Raimi’s Spiderman franchise that has Tobey Macguire as a Peter Parker, the meek, boy in the neighborhood, being bullied, pushed around, finds his superpower one day after being bitten by a unique species of spider while doing a lab tour. Sam Raimi also created the hilarious Evil Dead horror series, but the Spiderman franchise by him is adorable.

The movie depicts the power of human emotions and what it can do to your life. It introduces two powerful characters, Peter Parker, and his friend Harry Osbon, son of Norman Osborn, CEO Oscorp group. The franchise derives a contrast of how power is a responsibility you make a conscious choice to either protect, create, or destroy.Peter Parker is in love with Mary Jane, and does whatever he can to protect her as well as lives of innocent people fighting against injustice-because- “With great power comes great responsibility.” There are lessons of life and leadership to imbue, and a food for thought to ponder about. This movie franchise melts your heart and makes you think.

The Matrix Franchise

We don’t use a quarter of our mind’s potential, if we do, we could go back and forth in time, and that is just the beginning. Matrix franchise has a futuristic message of what A.I and virtual reality can do to our lives in time to come. Will the mortal be no more dominated by human emotions, and everything be replaced by the bits and bytes?

Are we going to let the binaries dictate our mortal lives, that builds a wall between us and the higher realms?If spirituality were not the only portal to the other realms, would you let the destructive power of virtual reality do that to your subconscious mind? Is virtual reality an allegory to something sinister? or what we call ‘illusion’ in vernacular terms?

The movie franchise raises many questions about how man and machines could create and destroy without a limit. The Matrix franchise is one of the most significant films that puts forth the real concerns of a dystopian era waiting to happens ruled by A.I and virtual reality, and its impact on our subconscious mind, conscious choices we make, and the ideologies we develop. This has a ripple effect on the human race.

Should there be a balance introduced to blend art, science, and technology with spirituality, so you know which arena to put a tight leash on, and which to use best for creating better lives.


But the question unanswered in the movie is how to control it if it is happening? Maybe that plot could be a sequel of Inception, to program the subconscious mind of the dream snatchers to protect your subconscious mind from being manipulated.

Donn Cobb is played by Leonardo Di Caprio , an extractor, a dream snatcher who performs corporate espionage through mind control techniques and gets away with it. Chistopher Nolan’s movies are a hallmark of brilliance and visual effects that let you understand the gripping complex plot like you didn’t want your mind to be occupied with anything else understanding its nuances in wonder. Maybe I could add to Nolan’s brilliance coming up with a gripping sequel. Nolan, are you listening? hello?

Bicentennial Man

I watched this movie on Star Movies when I was still a kid and was deeply attached to Robin William movies since then. Andrew is a robot introduced to a family for housekeeping. He is attached to the younger child Amanda and starts to feel human emotions for which he is not programmed to feel.

As an NDR robot living for 200 years breaking away from slavery to find his identity, feeling human emotions, and discovering the existance of another NDR robot, is his path to discovery of existing beyond the robotic life. Over two centuries Andrew, the robot develops complete human emotions and marries granddaughter of Richard, a scientist who brought him home for housekeeping and released him from slavery, letting him lead an independant life as a robot.

The movie questions significant ideologies of human existence. The movie is based on a book written by a famous sci-fi author, Issac Askimov.


It depicts a futuristic era where Earth is turned into a wasteland and humans have evacuated the planet centuries ago. Wall-E is a robot assigned to pick waste and find interesting objects and falls in love with EVE , a robot from another planet who is sent to Earth to find another living seed.

The movie makes use of religious symbolism such as dissolution, tree of life, Earth as a paradise, saving the human race, and transcendental spiritual message to manage resources and turn Earth into a living heaven.Disney Pixar ,movies have essence of what Steve Jobs built clubbing innovation, conservation, technology,philanthropy, and spirituality for the greater good.

Transformers Franchise

Alien robotic race fights with the evil robotic race to protect people on Earth. Transformers franchise directed by Micheal Bay is a charm. If you love art,philosophy, and science fiction, Transformers franchise is what you will fall in love with. The sequels had a dilute plot and lacked intrigue present in the first movie.

Autobots present the allegory of being transcendentalists saving the human race from destruction. Programmed to understand human emotions, they together battle deceptions who belie special force of their real identity. This franchise is a treat for those who love to tinker with machines, understand the machinations of the outer space blended with the spiritual theory of the creation of the universe.

Cubism is a micro-symbol in vedas used in this movie as an allegory. Cube in vedas symbolizes ‘bindu’ the source of light and sound called ‘om.’ This allegory is beautifully depicted in the Transformers franchise where the ‘cube’ is the source of light.

When you study sacred geometry of vedas you can see how a bindu which is the in form of a cube manifested itself to create five elements and various forms of energies present in the universe.

Most of the sci-fi movies with elements and symbolism of spirituality give a message of how human race can be saved from destruction of the other world elements.


A beautiful movie that makes you understand the significance of family time in a modern world of bits and bytes. An American sci-fi comedy about a family man named Micheal Newman played by Adam Sandler who learns the importance of spending time with family from a strange and eccentric man called Morty played by Christopher Walken who gives him a remote that lets him switch back and forth in time.

The Academy Award nominated movie deals with primary values of human life to balance work with family. The movie goes back and forth in time to make Micheal Newman realize how many beautiful moments with his family he has missed focusing solely on his materialistic goals.


A sci-fi adventure from the ’90s has an interesting plot. Known for creating Mandolarian series for Disney+,and most of the Disney Sci-fi movies, Jon Favreau directed this movie which is a delight even when watched today. It is a sequel to Jumanji, a board game that changes the reality of the kids who play with it bringing in reality elements from various eras.

The theme explored in the sequel is that of outer space and other worldly elements. It deals with the themes of sibling rivalry and how dealing with the elements from the outer space renews their bond. They are thrown into a space adventure and find a way back home bonding with each other.


Jumanji has been one of the highest grossing film from the ’90s and stars Robin Williams in the role of Alan Parrish. Alan is still in school and has a difficult relation with his father who after a few decades realizes how much his father loved him dealing with the challenges of an adventure game he plays as a child along with his best friend.

He returns home after a few decades feeling like a Rip Wan Winkle finding everything around him has changed. The movie deals with the themes of father-son relationship and alternate reality. He finds his way back home to finish the game he started as a child and brings back everything to normal. A beautiful movie directed by Joe Johnston deals with beautiful human emotions depicted through a game-adventure.