A few movies portray emotions and ideologies that inspire, make you explore deep emotions padlocked within yourself, make you think and wonder. Emotions drive us to make choices we make. Watching these beautiful movies gives you to time to reach within yourself, things you have been missing, or not paying attention to. I have created a list of feel-good movies that not necessarily inspire, but they do and let you see about the thought you weren’t thinking.

Pay It Forward

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Compassion and kindness goes a long way. You can only create a better world by practicing kindness in whichever way you can and create a better place for yourself as well as others. The only way you can generate abundant wealth of love and goodness is by spreading it, not as a part of PR gimmicks which happens in the media industry, but for real, because you care.

When you practice loving kindness from your heart, not as a part of a gimmick, you know how much to give without spending yourself out or making yourself look shallow. This is a heart-felt and a well-meaning story of a 11-year old boy who pays it forward.

Dead Poets Society

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Literature, arts, love, poetry, romance, and all the beautiful feelings beckon your attention in this movie. It inspires passion and doing things you love, because there is no other way to make your life look fulfilling. It talks about living your dreams, pursuing your passions and listen to your heart.

What Dreams May Come

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Have you ever loved someone enough to want to swim through hell for them and still not give up because you have felt those eternal feelings just once and your soul knows it won’t change for nothing. This movie is true inspiration for the romantics who believe in the eternity of true love and want to believe that true love does exist if you are looking for in this digital age of complex, no strings attached relations.

Yes Man

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Jim Carrey’s Yes Man is, especially, for the naysayers. It is a good adventure to start saying yes to everything and see what happens because a single ‘yes’ opens avenues to various pathways you never knew existed. It opens up your mind to want to think beyond a routine life and do things you never every though of trying before.

Cast Away

cast away
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Are you the survival of the fittest? Can you entertain yourself each day when stranded in an unknown place and still enjoy every moment of survival without a blink of an eye. The transformation your mind, emotions, and spiritual existence goes through when you are put in an unknown territory is a good testimony of how you want to explore each day and make a meaning out of it.

500 Days of Summer

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Not the run-of-the-mill boy meets girl stories. It explores the emotions through its darkness and complexities. If you are looking for a mushy love story, this is not what you should serve on your platter. This story is more about reflecting about your deep emotions and what leaves scars and what heals. It helps you see through the layers of complex emotions and not just skim through the fancy of feeling good about being in love. Feeling good is not the only emotion you feel when you are deeply in love. It only gets complex and you do not know to sink or swim.

Scent Of A Woman

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One word ‘Integrity.’ The movie revolves around various elements of teen life and what the values younger generation is beckoned to look at. There are rich spoilt kids, who resort to unethical behavior, and there is Charles, the humble boy from Oregon, taking all the whiplash who stands his firm ground till the end. Leadership begins with honesty and integrity. This is not a PR gimmick to beckon attention but true values practiced by real leaders who do good and inspire people to be better. Values that media industry loves to make a mockery of because only those with scruples are appreciated and valued, well at least in  Bollywood, or maybe there is more good to explore despite the grimness.

Madagascar series

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Don’t you love the penguins and King Julian? The crazy king who knows how to have a good time. The movie depicts different personalities, team work, and various aspects of our lives with good humor.

KungFu Panda Series

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Not all students are alike. You need a great teacher or a mentor to tap into the potential of a student and know what techniques to use to train them and get the best out of them. Po is a fat, food-obsessed, kung fu fan, whose ultimate dream is to get the secret ingredient given only to the special and deserved students. The movie depicts there is no secret ingredient or magic, but the magical belief in yourself to achieve the extraordinary. Do you believe in the magic of having faith in yourself? The core of this movie is what this is about.