Sriram Raghavan’s Andhadhun is a masterpiece in black comedy thriller genre. With many twists, unpredictability, sub plots, every minute of the movie keeps you guessing till the end. Akash(Ayushman Khurana) innovates a technique to bring focus to his music composition. It is to play blind in order to focus all of his senses to create good music. This experiment goes wrong when he witnesses a few murders and gets embroiled in the scandal. He meets the yesteryears actor Pramod Sinha(Anil Dhawan) who is impressed by his piano playing and offers him to play at a private party in his home. Through his acts of blindnesses, he witnesses murders that he is not able to report. How can a blind man report murders, really?

Sriram Raghavan is the Gaston Leroux of Bollywood. Most of the novels of Gaston Leroux have subplots, unpredictability, and surprise elements.

Tabu plays the wife of actor Pramod Sinha, the wild sinstress, who manipulates the entire situation for her personal gain. Tabu and Anshuman have given fabulous performances. Every character in the movie is befitting and you see how well each character connects to a plot. The story has a template of nonchalant yesteryears glory meets the fate of fast-paced crafty people.

Deception is the underlying theme of the movie which has many layers to it and is intriguing to watch. Johnny Gaddar and Andhadhun are movies that can keep you griped till the end. The only character who is straight in the entire movie is Sofie played by Radhika Apte.

It is hard to guess the intentions of Akash in the beginning and in the end you see how everything connects in the plot. Akash through his machiavellian tactics achieves all that he wants leaving the other players behind in the dump. Akash is not just a passionate musician, but a rather crafty one with exceptional skills in the art of music. You get to see the true side of human nature through all the characters etched together.

Ayushmann Khurrana is not a mainstream actor. Most of the his movies have an offbeat theme and a story line that make his movies interesting to watch.