It’s a relief to know that the new brand of superstars, Ayushman Khurrana and Vicky Kaushal is the real talent this industry is blessed with, unlike the high-handed, kid glove treated King Khans(Salman and Shah Rukh). It’s good to see Shah Rukh, the yesteryear s superstar who made it to the top with a stammering style( something to give you laughs); and Salman Khan who made no-brainier mass appeal movies adding an insult to the injury to the backwardness of the masses, take a back seat, finally. Ushering a new brand of superstars who blend into any role with ease and keep the audience on their seats.

Talking of content, the choice of films Ayushman Khurrana and Vicky Kaushal have made, have all the condiments that masses genuinely enjoys. Ayushman Khurrana has a long meaningful journey of good films in his kitty, something that his grandchildren will be proud to watch. You put Vicky Kaushal in any movie and it turns out to be a marvel.

Bollywood has evolved from its stage of making the Khan-branded movies that seem to have been working on a formula, which for all good reasons don’t seem to work anymore. Now, that is an evolution that the masses thoroughly seem to be in awe of without an iota of anticipation. All the methods that Sallu Bhai and our King Khan have tried and tested over decades, testing the patience of intelligent audience, who most certainly do exist in the masses as well, have finally gone into a shell. This is a beautiful phenomena to experience, after so many decades of hackneyed content churned over and over again by the Khan duo.

There are only a handful of movies where Shah Rukh Khan has done some real acting, the rest of his movies have only been an extension of his narcissism and an act of self-indulgence gone wrong. I’d say, he was a better television actor in Fauji than the stammering superstar in most of his movies. Then we have Sallu Bhai. Sigh, Sigh. His movies are all about his antiques and less or zilch performance. But you can’t blame them for being superstars without a lot of talent.

Ayushman Khuranna has a knack of picking original content and add a feather to its cap with his stupendous performance. An actor who will never disappoint his audience. Vicky Kaushal might pick up any script and add his magic to it and it turns out to be terrific no matter how alkalic the plot. Originality has finally arrived in Bollywood, leaving behind ‘stardom frenzied-narcissism’ in the name of an actor.