The Nun is least scary and has been given the treatment of fantasy folklore by the subtle use of Holy Grail theories. Sister Irene(Taissa Farmiga) is metaphorically portrayed as Mary Magdalene, the chosen one to battle the Demon Nun(Bonnie Aarons). The dialogues are bleak and amateurish inviting ridicule. Corin Hardy is fit to direct fantasy folklore with a little encouragement instead of a horror movie that wouldn’t even scare a toddler. Corin Harry is too a mellow director for the horror genre.

The Nun had all the elements of a gothic horror, but lacked intensity, intrigue, and the shock value this genre needs to be treated with. Cinematically, The Nun is a below average attempt that sews the story and the urban legend(Valak) loosely. The Demon Nun could have made more appearances inside of hiding in the background. The element of mystery and intrigue is completely missing from the plot which has failed to garner the attention of the audience. This movie is a major disappointment in the Conjuring universe as  there are no elements in the plot that makes for a gripping story. Gore is passe, and more comic than scary.

The Nun is more of a collage of fantasy folklore that uses themes such as the Romanian abbey, allegories related to the Holy blood of the Christ, Holy Grail theories, gothic setting, but miserably fails at the plot. The movie could have got a better treatment it deserved given the Gothic setting if James Wan has directed it, like a rite of passage of The Conjuring series. He seems to have better insights and gumption on the genre than Corin Hardy. Hopefully, The Conjuring 3 will not be a disappointment. The movie had all the visual elements that would have laid an impact had the plot been strong enough to create mystery and intrigue around grail theories.

P.S It is said that the Corvin Castle was blessed before shooting started. Looks like Corvin Hardy was too spooked himself to make a spooky movie. A word of advice for you Corvin, direct cartoons and fairy tales for toddlers.

Good Points About The Nun

  • The Gothic visual elements inside the abbey set the mood
  • Taissa Farmiga adds freshness to the otherwise grim plot
  • Towards the end of the movie, Sister Irene(Taissa Farmiga) is revealed  as the Mary Magdalene incarnate who holds the holy blood of Christ.
  • The true mythological character Valak is dramatised into a Demonic Nun was a good attempt at using mythology of Lesser Key of the Solomon.
  • The Corvin Castle was used which has a history of hauntings, as the abbey in the film, throughout the film. This castle was also the inspiration for Bram Stoker’s Dracula Castle.