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Veere Di Wedding is a Bollywood chick flick based on the template of sex and the city and clueless. You can draw many similarities between the two films. Ekta made this movie is tailor made for the younger generation of India after retiring from the tiring sagas of saas-bahu boohoos. If its going to be an Ekta Kapoor film, expect a dash of boldness to keep you entertained. Whether she does a saas-bahu saga or unconventional, quirky, and bold theme, when you have Ekta Kapoor doing it, there is no disappointment ever.

The movie is about 4 urban women who live the life on their own terms and conditions. Finally a movie that brings home the point that arranged marriage is so passe and spending on marriages to please everyone else is such a ravaging act . The only reason to get married is because you are in love, no other reason suffices to get married. One of the few Sonam Kapoor movies that I could sit through the end. But then, that was possible because Sonam Kapoor shared the screen with other fabulous actresses. Had it been her movie in a sole role, na, would only watch the trailer. Her lack of acting was a good cover up compensated by fabulous performance of Kareena Kapoor and Swarna Bhaskar. Swarna Bhaskar is a versatile actress who can bring authenticity to any role she plays.

Sonam Kapoor proves again that she is made for the runway ramp and not the movies. She is so much in love with fashion that she married a fab designer. Not judging her, but her acting is so delicate you wouldn’t know if she would just faint acting in the next scene. Sonam Kapoor played it too soft a character for essaying the role of a lawyer.

Kareena Kapoor and Swarna Bhaskar rocked the movie. Shikha Talsania’s role was not even needed. It never added any depth or dimension to the movie. But, Ekta saw it fit anyway. Here are similarities between sex and the city and Veere Di Wedding with lesser or no dose of nymphomania. No, taking about sex does not make you a nymphomaniac.

Sonam plays a lawyer, Miranda is a lawyer in Sex and the City. Kareena Kapoor plays Carrie Bradshaw in the movie. Swarna Bhaskar plays a role similar to Samantha and Shikha Talsania plays the role of miss-goody-two-shoes Charolette. Sonam did not have fire at all for the fiery role of a lawyer. Ekta, you copycat. Too many similarities between the Hollywood flick Sex and the City and Veere Di Wedding, only done with desi twist and tamasha.

No doubt there is not a single dull moment in the movie. It looks the the entire movie has been shot in a single house, changing the interiors of each room as it seems fit to show a different location. Swarna Bhaskar as the bold, uninhibited women was most entertaining. All the sorry asses who make a big deal about sanskaar dont bother watching this movie, and if you are feeling too sanskaari, do not have sex even after marriage, and guard your sanskaars, make test tube babies.

Veere Di Wedding is refreshing, not shocking as stated in most of the pansy ass reviews. I do not understand why a few writers play it safe and sound politically correct. What is so shocking about this movie? nothing. but entertaining, very much. People who shy away from their own sexuality, seriously, someone gift them vibrators.

Ekta Kapoor knows how to break the glass ceiling with bold movies that connect well with the auidence, and younger generation. Kudos to this awesome, fiery brand of a woman. Was it essential to end the movie with a tacky wedding, dance number. End mein gaana shuru hote hi,, I got to the exit.quick quick.