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The movie seems to be a fresh take on urban mother-child relationship and the science and emotions in these dynamics. Kajol plays the helicopter parent, that is why the name Helicopter Eela. Looks that the makers did their bit of research and the bourgeois audience needs a dictionary to understand this term. Kajol comes across as a narcissistic parent more than a helicopter parent who uses the her son’s teenage as a platform to fulfil her unfulfilled dreams.

This movie throws a new light on the child-parent relation making Nirupama Roy’s iconic persona of a martyr mother takes a back seat. Thank god for that! This country needs to understand the psychology of parents so that it can throw better insights towards the parent-child relationship.

The poster, however, gives a picture of a manipulative parent and not that of a helicopter parenting style. There is a difference between a manipulative parent which I do believe is what the movie is about rather than a helicopter parent. Kajol is fulfilling her ambitions through her teenage son is a manipulative trait than a protective trait. Helicopter Eela is a wrong title given to the movie as the poster and the essence of what the movie is doesn’t go along with the title and the poster. Hello makers, please re-do your homework again!! But the audience is going to buy it anyway and most probably love it because the making of the movie is a fresh attempt and the take regardless of the flaws.

Parents are humans, not god sent. They have ambitions, they make blunders too. Our perception of a parent-child relation is so backward, this movie is going to be an eye-opener. Bollywood is making movies for the urban, well informed audience, now that is a fresh change!! Pradeep Sarkar’s direction cannot disappoint given to the movies he has made where every emotion is depicted with clarity through the gamut of complicated emotions.

Helicopter Eela seems realistic take on the parent-child relation that the Kjo-Suraj Bharjatiya rigmarole, and oh, who could forget what Ekta Kapoor did to the minds of the auidence in the name of family sagas. It is good Bollywood is breaking the conventions and stereotypes of what Bollywood used to be.