Melvin Udall- Jack Nicholson- As Good As it Gets

Jack Nicholson brings out the obnoxious and diabolic characters in most of the roles he chooses and makes the audience fall in love with his character. He plays the character of Melvin Udall, an obnoxious, offensive, OCD, misanthropic yet successful author who writes romance novels. Contrary to the emotions that he depicts through his novels, he pretty much hates meeting people and religiously averts social graces. In an accident, when he is forced to take care of his gay artist neighbor’s dog, we see the compassionate character hiding behind the closed doors that is terrified to show its nicest self to the world.

Melvin Udall plays the character who suffers from severe OCD. As a part of his daily routine, he must do everything 5 times and is allergic to touching anyone. He later falls in love with a waitress who brings out the better part of him padlocked within himself over many years.

Alan- Zack Galifianakis- Hangover series

The child at the age of 40, who is still living with his parents, and freeloading, befriends 3 people who are smarter than him. Alan cannot help himself but get into trouble and others too. This what what makes hangover series epic! The infantile antiques of the man child, Alan. Need I say more, every character of Hangover series is sketched so well, it completes the plot without a single dull moment.

Sasha Baron Cohen – Borat- Borat : Cultural Learnings of America for Make Benefit Glorious Nation of Kazakhstan

Borat is hilarity personified. The obnoxious character who cannot stop but asking people obnoxious and embarrassing questions in his journey to America. Original and risible in his antiques, Sasha Baron Cohen, brings out the quirkiness of this character. An over enthusiastic ambassador who is very eager to learn everything from anyone and everyone, can annoy you only to make you laugh.

Sasha Baron Cohen -Aladeen – The Dictator

A dictator with a sense of humor and craziness. A whimsical character who’s unpredictability produces rib-tickling humor. He is so full of himself, he is pretty much untouched with the reality around him. A character that does not know how to grow up and live in the world of delusions that only make His Honor look ridiculous.

Robert De Niro- Jack Byrnes- Meet the Parents Series

A super paranoid, controlling, condescending, and protective father and a cynical father-in-law who loves his daughter to the core. That’s what you get from a retired CIA officer. Hard to please,, hard to get through, who puts every minute thing under radar. Poor Greg Focker(Ben Stiller) has to keep proving himself. The character of Greg Focker played by Ben Stiller is adorable and you sympathize with his situation where he has to keep testifying his I.Q and potential amidst the intellectual snobbery. Greg Focker is a sweet character who is just happy with what he is doing without having the pressure of building bigger dreams. His only ambition is to serve people as a male nurse and marry the woman he loves, and deal with a greater degree of anxiety every time he faces Jack Byrnes.

Bill Murray- Bob Wiley- What About Bob?

Bob Wiley, played by Bill Murray is a neurotic character who follows his celebrity psychotherapist to his vacation and steals the attention on a television show. His neurotic is so adorable and real that the family of the psychotherapist falls in love with him and finds him more trustworthy to the much dismay of the therapist. A movie worth watching for its satirist comedy.

Gerard Butler- Mike Chadway- The Ugly Truth

Mike Chadway (Gerard Butler) is the typical, annoying womanizer, who find his love interest, in a difficult to please, straight laced, played by Katherine Heigl(Abby). His theories of relationships prove to be right despite his displeasure towards fairy tales and love stories. This character wins your heart in the end.

Will Hunting- Good Will Hunting

The deeply scarred and abused Will Hunting( Matt Damon) hides his pain of child abuse through learning as much as he can on any subject that interest him. Discovered by a Math Professor at a University where he works as a cleaner, finds his hard-to-get personality obnoxious and something he knows can be worked on. Teachers are a blessing from god. They make a huge difference to your life. Robin Williams plays Professor Sean who helps Will Hunting get past through to his pain and discover a better life for himself.