Matt Damon and Ben Affleck along with Chris O’ Donnell had auditioned for the role of Charlie Simms. Al Pacino plays an obnoxious character who displayed general hatred for everyone but has a soft corner which Charlie stirs with his sensibility and soundness. Frank Slades’ jack ass behaviour doesn’t make the audience sympathise with his blindness. After enduring his whining and offensive behaviour without a sigh, there comes a point in the hotel room, where Pacino completely loses it and wants to end his life. He realises how unwanted he is after visiting his brother’s family for Christmas and offending everyone at the meal.

We do meet such people in real life too who do not realise what level of a**** lays in them. Only because this character is played by Al Pacino, for which he won the Academy Award, it makes the plot of an unpleasant person an interesting one. An intimidating character that Frank Slade is, shows his genuine aspect when he helps Charlie get the justice he deserves in the end. The end speech by Pacino in the movie, is thundering and brings home the point of how the essence of learning is muddled.