Well, I created a concept of Bollywood Opera in 2018. The format of which has been used in Come Fall in Love showcased as a Broadway musical in 2022. YRF has given us dreams, beautiful love stories. DDLJ in the 90’s was a fresh take on love, a bond so beautifully depicted in the movie as undying love between Raj and Simran. Every girl, woman wants to be Simran and a love story similar to DDLJ.

But then, why has Come Fall in Love received mixed reviews? When I created Bollywood Opera, the idea was to create a format in fantasy genre with actors from all over the world celebrating Bollywood movies with a different beat, look, giving it an international appeal in opera style. That was my larger than life vision for the concept which I created in 2018.

Come Fall in Love depicts two cultures coming together with the bond of love which is a beautiful depiction but has missed some nuances which would have convinced the audience. Two cultures, Indian and American have many aspects which can be imbued. For instance, Simran coming from an Indian culture, depicts love, sacrifice, endurance, but falling in love with an American man, she learns about individualism and learns about the importance of self-love being in love. This aspect they should have covered in the story how two cultures coming together create a strong meaningful bond and evolve together.

The American boy understands the deep roots of Indian culture and instills within him the idea of sacrifice, endurance, and an aspect of his emotional nature opens up taking a different view of the world. They should have depicted these ideas in the love story of bringing two cultures together through a bond of love. That would have been more convincing and heartfelt.

Love stories per se are beautiful. What is learnt and unlearned, and how two people evolve together being in love, accepting of the nuances and differences and forming a strong bond makes the story inspiring.

The visuals are tasteless, and the dance sequences should have been experimental giving something new to the audience. They could have done a lot with the Broadway musical, but they haven’t explored the possibilities of love story of Simran and Raj and it’s various aspects to the fullest.

Yes, I thought about this format much before it came into existence as YRF musical, but they should have justified with a deeper story about love, bonding, and bringing together two different cultures.