Jesse Eisenberg started his career with TV series ‘Get Real.’The actor in his patented fast-talking style essays the character of Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg with sobriety. In reality Mark Zuckerberg might not be a fast-past talker, but the geekdom, the passion, the astuteness of a shrewd businessman out of a geek is portrayed to the depth of its skin by the academy nominated actor.

The Social Network directed by David Fincher, popular for directing psychological thrillers like Panic Room, Gone Girl, Zodiac, Mind hunter, and more has portrayed every character of The Social Network without any pretence or a dramatic appeal. The Social Network story might not be a complete authentic biopic, but certainly a bio drama with many realistic elements that makes for a bio drama.

VFX used for The Social Network Movie

The Winkelwoss twins are not twins in reality. A model of the same height and weight of the actor Armie Hammer. Josh Pence played the Tyler Winklevoss and VFX was used to paste the face of Armie Hammer onto Josh Pence. It makes you think they are twins throughout the movie. Here is how VFX was used to make them look like twins.

Visual Effects can make anything look real that is the magic of VFX that was used in The Social Network movie to make the twins look real.

The movie was not shot at the prestigious Harvard as it was no film shooting is allowed on the campus. The movie begins with Mark breaking up with his girlfriend Erika over a dinner table conversation turned condescending. Mark is portrayed as a snooty geek who takes pride in his craft and does not mind bending the rules if it serves his purpose. The movie is revolved around the life in the campus, the innovative streak, the entrepreneurial spirit, the bewilderment of start ups, and all the disarray in the interim.

Justin Timber lake plays the role of Napster founder, Sean Parker who is vile, gregarious, and a visionary who lifts the veil of disarray of what a start-up usually goes through and puts things in perspective. The movie brilliantly highlights the emotions, the mental state, and all the rigmarole a start-up has to deal with in its initial stage. The story might have pissed Mark Zuckerberg but has inspired the audience around the world.

The Social Network is not your run-of-the-mill teen movie about a boy meets girls and all the jazz of coming of age. This movie talks about how a geek in his dorm room came up with an idea that has revolutionised the very idea of social networking online. It defines what Facebook stands for. This is one of those few movies based on Entrepreneurship that you can watch over and over again.