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John Milton’s Paradise Lost talks of the epic journey of how human emotions evolved amidst the aeonian  tricksters(read fallen angels), Lotus Eaters about illusions and pleasures of life amidst the battles of life, and there are many more classics to instil in us a sense of higher ideals which are not impossible to achieve, if only we go looking. Robin Williams movies are endearing. His roles in Good Will Hunting of being a mentor of a chippy kid who has been through the rough, an endearing father in Mrs. Doubt fire and The Birdcage, a loving husband who loves his wife to eternity and through hell in What Dreams May Come, and who can forget the inspirational teacher in the Dead Poet’s Society who teaches students to think beyond academics and understand values of invaluable things such as love, romance, poetry, philosophy.

The offbeat role of an android instilling and understanding human emotions in Bicentennial man, and the man who comes back alive from the forgotten era in Jumanji. Robin William movies are eternal. You could be a kid from the EDM era, or the laid-back millennial who undoubtedly love the aura which Robin William movies create. You could be mesmerised watching the magic of philosophies entwined with invaluable things of human life to experience.

We live to take care of people we love and those who matter to us, this goes beyond material and something that Robin William family movies demonstrate beautifully . Robin William movies express the beautiful side of life we keep missing getting busy in the rut. The legend who acted in comic roles make you laugh and cry, and feel emotions that we have forgotten to feel. There is always more to life that spinning the hamster’s wheel and that is what a few of his movies have rendered without melodramatic condiments.