It is a given that politics is one of the shadiest fields. Celebrities from the arena of Hollywood and Bollywood must not bemire their creative minds getting to the murky waters of politics. There those like Amitabh Bachahan, Matt Daemon, and many other celebrities who have a philanthropic view and put their wealth and resources to good use. Politics is not the avenue for a creative mind to be the do-gooder. There was a difference how the public reacted to Smriti Irani when she was the favourite Bahoo created by the iconic trendsetter Ekta Kapoor in Kyouki Saas Bhi Kabhi Bahoo Thi, until she decided to join politics.  Then things changed for her, including how the general public has been responding to her political career.

Mark Wahlberg is doing a good job by asking celebrities about pushing their political opinions onto the country. Artists are puritans of sorts, and I am only taking about those artists who take their craft seriously. There are many avenues to do something good for your country, and artists joining the political bandwagon, is simply not the way to go about it!!!